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Brain Cancer and Suicide

Maggie KarnerBrittany Maynard made headlines when she revealed that she has an aggressive form of brain cancer and that she would end her life on her own terms. We welcome Mrs. Maggie Karner, Director of Life and Health Ministries for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, to respond to Ms. Maynard’s plight. Maggie suffers from the very same brain cancer and will not end her own life. We discuss Maggie’s article, “Brain Cancer Will Likely Kill Me, But There’s No Way I’ll Kill Myself.” Listen as Maggie gives an inspiring witness to God’s gift of life and the comfort of His salvation in Jesus Christ!

Read Maggie Karner’s article, “Brain Cancer Will Likely Kill Me, But There’s No Way I’ll Kill Myself.”

Watch Maggie Karner’s video letter to Brittany Maynard, produced and posted after we recorded our interview with Maggie.

No Apologies

Nathan RedmanDo family members change the subject when you speak of Jesus or the Bible? Do friends “unfriend” you in social media because of your overly “churchy” posts? Mr. Nathan Redman knows what it’s like. And he has decided to offer “No Apologies” for being a Christian and confessing Christ, whether in family conversations or on social media. Listen to Nathan explain what he means by not apologizing for being a baptized child of God and making the good confession.

Read Nathan Redman’s article, “No Apologies.”

That Ain’t No Church!

RevDrMatthewRichardPr. Matt Richard helps us discern ways to recognize and define what is “the church.” Is it a group of like-minded believers sharing a common goal? Is it a place where a lot of different activities can be evident throughout the week? What are we to make of a church that does not have the busy-bee activity or a church that may suffer from tensions and even divisions? Are they still “church”? Pr. Richard also explains what he means by “fallible marks” and “infallible marks” of the church.

Read Pr. Richard’s article, “That Ain’t No Church!”

We’re Already Home

Christopher NeuendorfIn December 2013, Joshua Genig left the Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, claiming that he had found his way home to Eastern Orthodoxy. Pr. Christopher Neuendorf responds and says, “We’re already home.” Listen to Pr. Neuendorf explain what he means, and hear some of the history and doctrinal discussion between the Lutherans and the Orthodox at the time of the Reformation.

Read Pr. Neuendorf’s article, “We’re Already Home: A Response to Joshua Genig.”

Doctrine as Idolatry?

Vanessa RasanenSome claim that focusing on true and pure doctrine can become an idol. Mother, blogger, and new Lutheran Vanessa Rasanen debunks that false claim. She also tells of her journey from atheism to Christianity and explains the meaning behind her blog, “Bible, Beer, and Babies.”

Read Vanessa’s article, “Can Doctrine Become an Idol?”

Vanessa’s Blog: “Bible, Beer, and Babies”

Just Relax, A Little Liquid Drano Won’t Hurt Anyone

RevDrMatthewRichardMovies such as Noah, Son of God, and Heaven is for Real may not get every detail of Christian doctrine correct, but what’s wrong with that? Isn’t a Christian presence of some kind better than no presence at all? So what if they don’t get everything quite right? Pr. Matt Richard discusses how just a little bit of false doctrine can be as poisonous as a little bit of Liquid Drano in a batch of cookies.

Read Pr. Richard’s article, “Just Relax, A Little Liquid Drano Won’t Hurt Anyone.”

“Voluntourism” and the Church

Joshua GaleDo short-term mission trips really help the Church in foreign lands, or are they more like vacations that do little to serve the mission field? Can short-term mission trips really support the longer term work of more permanent missionaries? Pr. Joshua Gale weighs in and discusses his article “Voluntourism and the Church.”

Read Pr. Gale’s article “Voluntourism and the Church.”