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Kick the Dog, Console the Child

Bryan WolfmuellerWhen it comes to confronting false teaching and false teachers in our midst, Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller takes his lead from Martin Luther to kick the dog, but console the child. Listen as Pr. Wolfmueller distinguishes between those who teach falsely and those who are falsely taught. How can we exercise patience and compassion when we confront heterodoxy in our midst?

Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller will also present at the 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference.

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2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference

The Place of Satire

Hans FieneWhat is the place of humor, satire, snark, and mocking in confessing the truth of God’s Word? What actually makes for good satire and humor? Pr. Hans Fiene – of “The Lutheran Satire” fame – joins us to discuss how he confesses the truth and teaches the faith by making fun of stuff. Pr. Fiene will also present on this topic at the 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference.

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Doctrine and/or Practice

Larry BeanePastor Larry Beane will present at the 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference on the theme “Doctrine and/or Practice.” What will he discuss in his presentation, and how do our Lutheran Confessions help us keep doctrine and practice united?

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Sacramental Minions

Matt DentSome talk of “sacramental entrepreneurs.” Pr. Matt Dent speaks of “sacramental minions.” What’s the difference? Listen to Pr. Dent’s faithful witness. Also, what are we to make of phrases like “start new to reach new” and “out of the box thinking”? Could it be that God has put us – and Himself – in a box so that we can be sure of His works of salvation?

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Problems at the Concordia Universities

Tim Rossow2In the Concordia University system, enrollment is up and money seems to be flowing. So what’s the problem? Pr. Tim Rossow says, “Plenty!” Is that numerical growth really pagan growth? What is actually being taught and espoused at one of our Concordia Universities? What solutions would Pr. Rossow recommend?

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Madison Avenue Ecclesiology

In this segment, Mr. Tim Wood, a convert from Baptist fundamentalism after a confrontation with God’s Law and Gospel, joins us to discuss is article, “Church Growth: Deliberately Misdiagnosing the Problem?” Why do some churches leave behind faithful Law-Gospel preaching and turn instead to Madison Avenue techniques? Are they still practicing Christianity?

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Market-Style Evangelism

Andrew PreusIs Christian evangelism just a matter of “selling a product” called the Gospel of Jesus Christ? How might that approach to the Church’s mission be “enthusiasm”? (Uh, what’s that?) Pr. Andrew Preus discusses his article, “Market-Style Evangelism,” and how it’s better to be limited by the ways that God gives in His Word.

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