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The Three Outposts, part 4 – The Home

AbrahamsonIn part four of our series on “The Three Outposts: Your Mission,” Pr. Joe Abrahamson takes us deeper into the God-given estate of “The Home,” that is, domestic governance. Listen as we discuss God’s design for husbands and wives as well as parents and children. How can we Christians bear witness to Jesus in our homes and thus be a counter-culture?

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The Destruction of Marriage

First, “Throwdown” hosts Eric Andersen and Randy Asburry answer a listener’s question via Facebook. She asks, “How would you tell someone who has never read the Book of Concord to study and read it? Do we begin on page one? How does one study it?”

Joseph KlotzThen, Joseph Klotz joins us to discuss his article, “The Destruction of Marriage.” What’s at stake in the fight for same-sex marriage? Is the homosexual agenda really based on the disillusionment of marriage as an institution? Are straight people really the ones destroying marriage just fine by themselves? What role has the “sexual revolution” played in the dissolution of marriage?

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The Church, the World, & Sex

BJS_MarkSurburgw100Is there a connection between pleasing God and our sexual conduct? How does the Scriptural teaching on sexual purity contrast with what we see in the culture around us today? Pr. Mark Surburg discusses how the Church faces the challenges of a culture steeped in sex and sexuality. Listen to Pr. Surburg’s tips on catechizing on the 6th Commandment and giving pastoral care related to things sexual.

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Pornography and Idolatry

jack_kilcreaseWhat do pornography and idolatry have in common? Can pornography or plastic dolls fill a real need for human sexuality? Dr. Jack Kilcrease discusses his article, “Pornography and Idolatry.”

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Dr. Jack Kilcrease, The Self-Donation of God