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Feed My Lambs

Pr. James Moshier steps “into the ring” to discuss his homily delivered at the 2015 Spring Pastors Conference in Kearney, Nebraska. When the risen Lord Jesus works a great catch of fish and when He instructs Peter to feed His lambs (John 21:1-17), we also receive Jesus’ admonition to pastors to feed the flock through faithful, lifelong catechesis. It might even include something called “liturgical trivia.”

Read Pr. Moshier’s meditation here.

The Three Outposts, part 10 – Conflicts between Church and Home (cont.)

AbrahamsonWe continue discussing the conflicts between the estates of church and home with Pr. Joe Abrahamson. Why do pastors solemnize marriages as “agents of the state”? What place or interest does the church have in weddings and marriage? How does forgiveness take place in the home? What some cautions to hearing the confession of other people?

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The Three Outposts, part 9 – Conflicts between Church & Home

AbrahamsonIn this installment of our series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we begin discussing areas of overlap and conflict between the three estates. Here we discuss the very real and timely overlaps and conflicts between the estate of the home (family) and the estate of the church.

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The UnBiblical Removal of Pastors

BJS_JoshuaScheerw100Pr. Joshua Scheer joins us to discuss the sinful and unbiblical removal of pastors from their congregations. What non-Scriptural reasons do some congregations give for removing their pastors from their God-given calls? What are true, Biblical ways in which a pastor may/should be removed from his call? How do the Ten Commandments enlighten us on what’s going on here?

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A Tribute to Rev. Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn


Charles-HenricksonPr. Charlie Henrickson joins us to give a tribute to the late Rev. Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn (1937-2015), a respected professor, churchman, and father in the faith. We also get to hear the homily, by Pr. Scott Bruzek, delivered at Dr. Feuerhahn’s “Service of Praise and Thanksgiving” held at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, on March 17, 2015 (audio courtesy of Concordia Seminary).

Press release of Dr. Feuerhahn entering rest.

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Watch “A Service of Praise and Thanksgiving Remembering the Life and Ministry of the Rev. Dr. Ronald Raymond Feuerhahn.”

How Does Your Pastor Dress?

Karl WeberDoes it make any difference how a pastor dresses? What should a pastor wear–clerical collar, business suit, or the latest colorful fashion? Pr. Karl Weber joins us to discuss his article, “Does Your Pastor Dress as a Shepherd or a Sheep?” Clothing may do more than just “make the man” of the pastor; it may actually send a message. And there may even be something Biblical about how a pastor dresses.

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The Three Outposts, part 7 – The Church

AbrahamsonIn this installment of our discussion with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we take up the Office of the Ministry and how God calls His people to support the livelihood of their pastors. We also discuss matters of excommunication and church discipline, as well as answer a question submitted to steadfastlutherans.org.

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