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Doctrine and/or Practice

Larry BeanePastor Larry Beane will present at the 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference on the theme “Doctrine and/or Practice.” What will he discuss in his presentation, and how do our Lutheran Confessions help us keep doctrine and practice united?

Check out Pr. Beane’s blog, “Father Hollywood.”

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Catechism Series, part 12

AbrahamsonIn part 12 of our Catechism Series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we discuss the Daily Prayers part of the Catechism. How do we live out the teaching that God gives us in the Commandments, the Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer? We pray. Daily. Join us as we discuss how to pray according to God’s Word and in our home and family settings.

Why You Think Your Pastor is “Too Catholic”

Ronald StephensWhy has the word “catholic” become a dirty word among Lutherans? What is the “catholic faith”? If your pastor performs certain rituals or ceremonies, does that mean he is more “Catholic” than “Lutheran”? Pr. Ronald Stephens explains what it means to be “catholic,” not “Roman,” and he defends (gives an “apology” for) Lutheran pastors maintaining the salutary ceremonies of the Church that have been handed down through the ages.

Read Pr. Ronald Stephen’s article: “An Apology for a Fuller Use of Ceremony, or Why You Think Your Pastor is Too “Catholic.”

The Smoke of Incense

Stephen AndersonPsalm 141:2 says, “Let my prayer rise before You as incense, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.” We sing these words in Vespers and Evening Prayer. But what would we do if we actually smelled (and saw) incense in our churches? Is incense even allowed in Lutheran churches these days? Pr. Steven Anderson explains how the Bible gives witness to incense, what it is used for, and how to appreciate it, along with all of God’s gifts in the liturgy.

Read Pr. Steven Anderson’s article, “And the Smoke of the Incense Rose Before God”

We’re Already Home

Christopher NeuendorfIn December 2013, Joshua Genig left the Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, claiming that he had found his way home to Eastern Orthodoxy. Pr. Christopher Neuendorf responds and says, “We’re already home.” Listen to Pr. Neuendorf explain what he means, and hear some of the history and doctrinal discussion between the Lutherans and the Orthodox at the time of the Reformation.

Read Pr. Neuendorf’s article, “We’re Already Home: A Response to Joshua Genig.”

New Covenant Worship, part 1

Rich FutrellDoes the “old covenant” (Old Testament) have anything to say about our “new covenant” (New Testament) Christian worship? Pr. Rich Futrell takes us on a journey through worship in the Garden of Eden, in the wilderness tabernacle, in Solomon’s temple, and in the synagogue of Jesus’ day. He shows us that, yes, new covenant worship flows out of and fulfills the old covenant worship.

Read Pr. Futrell’s article, “Understanding New Covenant Worship as the Fulfillment of the Old.”