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Your Greatest Need

RevDrMatthewRichardPr. Matt Richard joins us to discuss his article, “Your Greatest Need Isn’t Money, Sex, or Power, But…”. How do we try to tell the story of our lives and justify ourselves by means of money, sex, and power? Is there a better way? What is our greatest need? Listen for our true and genuine source of justification and what it means for everyday life.

Read Pr. Richard’s article, “Your Greatest Need Isn’t Money, Sex, or Power, But…”.

Barking Dogs – The ACELC and Its Work

Clint PoppePr. Clint Poppe joins us to discuss the history, purpose, and work of the Association of Confessing Evangelical Lutheran Congregations (ACELC). How are they confronting and dealing with the false and faulty teachings and practices in our midst? Pr. Poppe will also present at the 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference.

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Market-Style Evangelism

Andrew PreusIs Christian evangelism just a matter of “selling a product” called the Gospel of Jesus Christ? How might that approach to the Church’s mission be “enthusiasm”? (Uh, what’s that?) Pr. Andrew Preus discusses his article, “Market-Style Evangelism,” and how it’s better to be limited by the ways that God gives in His Word.

Read Pr. Preus’ article, “Market-Style Evangelism is Enthusiasm.”

Predestination, part 2

RevDrMatthewRichardPr. Matt Richard continues discussing his paper, “Why the Doctrine of Predestination Matters.” What happens when we try to reconcile the seemingly contradictory doctrines of 1) original sin with 2) God’s justification of the sinner and 3) God’s eternal election? Why should we keep these doctrines “in tension” according to God’s Word? Is the teaching of predestination a threatening or a comforting doctrine?

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Read the Formula of Concord on the doctrine of Election–the Epitome and the Solid Declaration.

Predestination, part 1

RevDrMatthewRichardPr. Matt Richard enters the “Throwdown” ring to discuss his paper, “Why the Doctrine of Predestination Matters.” Is the doctrine of predestination simply some useless wrangling among theologians, or does it really mean something for every Christian? What happened during the 19th century when various Lutheran church bodies debated this doctrine? How can you best answer the age-old question(s), “Why are some saved and not others?”

Read Pr. Richard’s paper, “Why the Doctrine of Predestination Matters”

Becoming a Christian

Matt PhillipsHow does a person become a Christian and stay a Christian? Not by doing things, but by hearing the Word of Christ. And should we really condemn someone for their faults, foibles, and sins in life, or should we focus more on the doctrine? Dr. Matt Phillips, professor of history at Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska, joins us to discuss his articles “Becoming a Christian by Listening” and “Distinguishing Between Doctrine and Life.”

Read Dr. Phillips’ article “Becoming a Christian by Listening”

Read Dr. Phillips’ article “Distinguishing Between Doctrine and Life”

The Atonement

Chris HullPastor Christopher Hull, from Christ Lutheran Church in Normal, IL, joins us to discuss the most important teaching of the Bible: the Atonement. What does it mean that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins? What are the different “theories,” or models, of the Atonement? Are they Biblical? What can they teach us? Listen and find out!