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The UnBiblical Removal of Pastors

BJS_JoshuaScheerw100Pr. Joshua Scheer joins us to discuss the sinful and unbiblical removal of pastors from their congregations. What non-Scriptural reasons do some congregations give for removing their pastors from their God-given calls? What are true, Biblical ways in which a pastor may/should be removed from his call? How do the Ten Commandments enlighten us on what’s going on here?

Read Pr. Scheer’s article, “Sinful Removal of Pastors – Let Me Count the Ways…”

God Has a “Wonderful Plan” for Your Death

Miguel RuizMr. Miguel Ruiz discusses his article, “God Has a ‘Wonderful Plan’ for Your Death.” What do people mean when they console one another with the phrase “God has a plan”? Is it really helpful, or does it turn God into a “bad guy”? How are some Bible passages actually misused in an effort to tell people that “God has a plan” for them? How does the theology of the cross help us instead?

Read Miguel Ruiz’s article, “God Has a ‘Wonderful Plan’ for Your Death.”

Fargo and the Hidden God

Timothy WintersteinPr. Timothy Winterstein sees Luther’s teaching of “the hidden God” on full display in the television show Fargo. For the producers and characters of Fargo, if God does exist, He must certainly have no good will for human beings. All things must be a matter of fate. However, God’s revelation of Himself in the cross of Jesus Christ gives us a different picture of God. In Christ, God has indeed entered this fallen world plagued by evil in order to redeem and restore it.

Read Pr. Winterstein’s article, Fargo and the Hidden God”

Catechism Series, Part 3

AbrahamsonPr. Joe Abrahamson continues discussing Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, what it means, an how to teach it. In Part 3 of our ongoing series, we discuss the Law of God–the natural law and the revealed law, the two tables of the Law, and how the moral law, the civil law, and the ceremonial law relate to one another.

Catechism Series, part 2

AbrahamsonWe continue our Catechism Series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson. In part 2, we look at using the Catechism and how it is organized. What does Pr. Abrahamson mean when he says Luther’s Small Catechism has a “3 x 3” structure? We also begin discussing God’s Law and the Ten Commandments.


Catechism Series, part 1

AbrahamsonWith this segment we begin a series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson on the meaning and message of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. In Part 1, Pr. Abrahamson gives an overview of the Catechism and throws down against some faulty views of God, original sin, and God’s Law. Hear him respond to Rob Bell’s “definition” of God, Joel Osteen’s denial of original sin, and David Ashcraft’s mistaken notion of the purpose of God’s Law.