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The Three Outposts, part 8 – The State

AbrahamsonIn part 8 of our series on “The Three Outposts” (three estates), Pr. Joe Abrahamson gives us the Scriptural teaching on God’s gift of, yes, government. How can government be more than a “necessary evil,” as Thomas Paine said? Is government really a gift from God? (The tax-man too? Seriously?) Why is government necessary, and how do Christians live under a sinful, wicked government?

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The UnBiblical Removal of Pastors

BJS_JoshuaScheerw100Pr. Joshua Scheer joins us to discuss the sinful and unbiblical removal of pastors from their congregations. What non-Scriptural reasons do some congregations give for removing their pastors from their God-given calls? What are true, Biblical ways in which a pastor may/should be removed from his call? How do the Ten Commandments enlighten us on what’s going on here?

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