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Why You Think Your Pastor is “Too Catholic”

Ronald StephensWhy has the word “catholic” become a dirty word among Lutherans? What is the “catholic faith”? If your pastor performs certain rituals or ceremonies, does that mean he is more “Catholic” than “Lutheran”? Pr. Ronald Stephens explains what it means to be “catholic,” not “Roman,” and he defends (gives an “apology” for) Lutheran pastors maintaining the salutary ceremonies of the Church that have been handed down through the ages.

Read Pr. Ronald Stephen’s article: “An Apology for a Fuller Use of Ceremony, or Why You Think Your Pastor is Too “Catholic.”

The Church, the World, & Sex

BJS_MarkSurburgw100Is there a connection between pleasing God and our sexual conduct? How does the Scriptural teaching on sexual purity contrast with what we see in the culture around us today? Pr. Mark Surburg discusses how the Church faces the challenges of a culture steeped in sex and sexuality. Listen to Pr. Surburg’s tips on catechizing on the 6th Commandment and giving pastoral care related to things sexual.

Read Pr. Surburg’s article: “The Church, World, and Sex: There Can Be No Compromise”