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Catechism Series, Part 3

AbrahamsonPr. Joe Abrahamson continues discussing Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, what it means, an how to teach it. In Part 3 of our ongoing series, we discuss the Law of God–the natural law and the revealed law, the two tables of the Law, and how the moral law, the civil law, and the ceremonial law relate to one another.

Pastoral Formation

Jonathan McCallSeminarian Jonathan McCall begins blogging about his new ventures in pastoral formation. As a new student at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN, he discusses how and why he began his seminary studies as well as what he has been learning in the classroom. Hear how God forms pastors through seminary instruction, hear how the “mosaic” of the various professors benefits the students, and learn what a “Scaerism” is.

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