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Easter Apologetics

BJS_SamSchuldheiszw50What is Easter all about? How do you defend the resurrection of Jesus with historical evidence? What makes Christianity different from fairy tales and make believe? Pr. Sam Schuldheisz discusses his three-part series of articles published in The Huntington Beach Wave and on

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“What Is Easter All About?”

“Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?”

“Just the Facts!”

“Voluntourism” and the Church

Joshua GaleDo short-term mission trips really help the Church in foreign lands, or are they more like vacations that do little to serve the mission field? Can short-term mission trips really support the longer term work of more permanent missionaries? Pr. Joshua Gale weighs in and discusses his article “Voluntourism and the Church.”

Read Pr. Gale’s article “Voluntourism and the Church.”

The One-Year Lectionary

BJS_MarkSurburgw100Why did Pr. Mark Surburg convert from the widely used three-year lectionary to the historic one-year lectionary? What did he discover about the beginnings and purpose of the three-year lectionary that led him to look elsewhere? Listen to Pr. Surburg explain his article, “Confessions of a One Year Lectionary Convert.”

Read Pr. Surburg’s article, “Confessions of a One Year Lectionary Convert.”

Thrivent Neutrality, part 2

Michael SchuermannListen to part 2 of Pr. Michael Schuermann discussing “Thrivent Neutrality.” Why be “neutral” about supporting pro-life agencies? How does this “neutrality” impact pro-life agencies?

Read more on the Thrivent pro-choice controversy at Pr. Schuermann’s blog:

Thrivent Neutrality, part 1

Michael SchuermannPr. Michael Schuermann discovered and wrote about a recent controversy regarding Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. Did Thrivent provide financial assistance to pro-abortion agencies such as Planned Parenthood? Did Thrivent back off from supporting pro-life agencies in the name of “neutrality”? List to part 1 of our interview with Pr. Schuermann on “Thrivent Neutrality.”

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