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Feed My Lambs

Pr. James Moshier steps “into the ring” to discuss his homily delivered at the 2015 Spring Pastors Conference in Kearney, Nebraska. When the risen Lord Jesus works a great catch of fish and when He instructs Peter to feed His lambs (John 21:1-17), we also receive Jesus’ admonition to pastors to feed the flock through faithful, lifelong catechesis. It might even include something called “liturgical trivia.”

Read Pr. Moshier’s meditation here.

Your Greatest Need

RevDrMatthewRichardPr. Matt Richard joins us to discuss his article, “Your Greatest Need Isn’t Money, Sex, or Power, But…”. How do we try to tell the story of our lives and justify ourselves by means of money, sex, and power? Is there a better way? What is our greatest need? Listen for our true and genuine source of justification and what it means for everyday life.

Read Pr. Richard’s article, “Your Greatest Need Isn’t Money, Sex, or Power, But…”.

Steadfast Lutherans Update & Bible Study Resources

BJS_JoshuaScheerw100Pr. Joshua Scheer, editor of “Brothers of John the Steadfast,” joins us to discuss some new and coming projects associated with Hear about the new “Sisters of Katie Luther” blog, “Steadfast in the Parish,” and more.

David RamirezAlso, Pr. David Ramirez discusses and recommends solid Bible study resources for home and classroom. Hear about those resources and what to look for in good Bible study resources.

Check out these Bible study resources here: “Lutheran Treasures of the Old Missouri Synod.”


Brothers of John the Steadfast

Sisters of Katie Luther

The Three Outposts, part 10 – Conflicts between Church and Home (cont.)

AbrahamsonWe continue discussing the conflicts between the estates of church and home with Pr. Joe Abrahamson. Why do pastors solemnize marriages as “agents of the state”? What place or interest does the church have in weddings and marriage? How does forgiveness take place in the home? What some cautions to hearing the confession of other people?

Read Read Pr. Abrahamson’s Bible study: “The Three Outposts, Your Mission: Study 6 – Church and Home”

Confusion Among Lutherans

Tim WoodWhat happens when the average LCMS pew-dweller, who has a superficial grasp of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, sees some careless “cooperation in externals” by LCMS entities? “Confusion,” says elder Tim Wood. How does our “cooperation in externals” undermine our seeking oneness in doctrine and faith?

Read Tim Wood’s article, “What Does the LCMS Reap by Sowing Confusion Among its Members?”

Read Tim Wood’s article, “Inviting Tullian Tchividjian Gave the Wrong Impression.”

The Three Outposts, part 9 – Conflicts between Church & Home

AbrahamsonIn this installment of our series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we begin discussing areas of overlap and conflict between the three estates. Here we discuss the very real and timely overlaps and conflicts between the estate of the home (family) and the estate of the church.

Read Pr. Abrahamson’s Bible study: “The Three Outposts, Your Mission: Study 6 – Church and Home”

The Three Outposts, part 8 – The State

AbrahamsonIn part 8 of our series on “The Three Outposts” (three estates), Pr. Joe Abrahamson gives us the Scriptural teaching on God’s gift of, yes, government. How can government be more than a “necessary evil,” as Thomas Paine said? Is government really a gift from God? (The tax-man too? Seriously?) Why is government necessary, and how do Christians live under a sinful, wicked government?

Read Pr. Abrahamson’s Bible study, “The Three Outposts, Your Mission, part 5: The State.”