The UnBiblical Removal of Pastors

BJS_JoshuaScheerw100Pr. Joshua Scheer joins us to discuss the sinful and unbiblical removal of pastors from their congregations. What non-Scriptural reasons do some congregations give for removing their pastors from their God-given calls? What are true, Biblical ways in which a pastor may/should be removed from his call? How do the Ten Commandments enlighten us on what’s going on here?

Read Pr. Scheer’s article, “Sinful Removal of Pastors – Let Me Count the Ways…”

One thought on “The UnBiblical Removal of Pastors”

  1. The posting “unbiblical removal of a pastor” was a good show, like many that I have listened to, but you forget that ordained and called Lutheran pastors get fired from RSO’s of the synod. These pastors were led to believe that these were valid calls but then fired when a pastor would not participate in a Jewish prayer service or practice open communion. Yes, your show was discussing pastors being fired in a congregational setting, but they are plenty of confessional pastors fired from RSO’s with district presidents’ approval.

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