Hymn Boards vs. Giant Projection Screens

Stephen AndersonDoes it matter if your church uses an old hymn board or a giant projection screen to convey service information? Does the medium send a message, even an unintended one? Pr. Steve Anderson makes the case that giant projection screens may just send the wrong message and distract us from the true worship and mission of the Church.

Read Pr. Anderson’s article, “The Old Hymn Board or Giant Projection Screens: Does It Matter?”

One thought on “Hymn Boards vs. Giant Projection Screens”

  1. The video board or the hymn board. COWO or traditional?

    8] Secondly, these traditions have obscured the commandments of God, because traditions were placed far above the commandments of God. Christianity was thought to consist wholly in the observance of certain holy-days, rites, fasts, and vestures. [And in the use of ‘traditional Divine Worship service’ to the exclusion of all other worship]

    Thirdly, traditions brought great danger to consciences; for it was impossible to keep all traditions, and yet men judged these observances to be necessary acts of worship. Gerson writes that many fell 13] into despair, and that some even took their own lives, because they felt that they were not able to satisfy the traditions, and they had all the while not heard any consolation of the righteousness of faith and 14] grace.

    Is the use of the hymn board a necessary act of worship?

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