Just Relax, A Little Liquid Drano Won’t Hurt Anyone

RevDrMatthewRichardMovies such as Noah, Son of God, and Heaven is for Real may not get every detail of Christian doctrine correct, but what’s wrong with that? Isn’t a Christian presence of some kind better than no presence at all? So what if they don’t get everything quite right? Pr. Matt Richard discusses how just a little bit of false doctrine can be as poisonous as a little bit of Liquid Drano in a batch of cookies.

Read Pr. Richard’s article, “Just Relax, A Little Liquid Drano Won’t Hurt Anyone.”

One thought on “Just Relax, A Little Liquid Drano Won’t Hurt Anyone”

  1. I don’t think those movies are subtle or crafty. They pretty much show you what they are about. What do you think of all the science fiction movies that are much more subtle in their anti God rhetoric and seem to have many fans among Lutherans?

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