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The Three Outposts, part 3

AbrahamsonWe resume our series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson on his Bible study titled “The Three Outposts: Your Mission.” Here we continue looking at the three estates – home, church, and state – in the Old Testament, especially during time of the united kingdom of Israel, the divided kingdom, and then the Babylonian captivity.

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Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wishes You Knew

Holly ScheerMrs. Holly Scheer–wife of Pr. Joshua Scheer (Associate Editor at steadfastlutherans.org)–joins us to discuss the challenges and joys of being a pastor’s wife. A pastor’s call and duties in the congregation are very clear. But what about the pastor’s wife? What challenges does she face when it comes to friends in the congregation, raising children, and even listening to a sermon? How can congregations support the pastor’s wife and family?

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The Three Outposts, part 2

AbrahamsonPr. Joe Abrahamson continues discussing his Bible study on the three estates titled “The Three Outposts: Your Mission.” In this installment, we continue clarifying the three estates (“outposts”) and then see how all three estates are taught in the Old Testament beginning in the earliest chapters of Genesis.

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The Three Outposts, part 1

AbrahamsonWhat are the three “outposts” to which God has called you to live the Christian life? What is your “mission” in each of those “outposts”? Join us as Pr. Joe Abrahamson outlines the three “outposts” (estates) to which God calls each of us and explains how our mission is to love our neighbor as God has first loved us.

Study Pr. Abrahamson’s Bible study “The Three Outposts, Your Mission.”

Catechism Series, part 13

AbrahamsonIn part 13 of our Catechism Series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we take a brief look at the “Table of Duties” in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. How does this section of the Catechism instruct us in the “holy orders” to which God calls us? What are the “two kingdoms” and the “three estates” that this compilation of Bible passages present to us for daily living as Christians?

The Most Neglected Part of the Catechism

Jordan McKinleyWhat is the most neglected part of the Small Catechism? According to Pr. Jordan McKinley, it’s not what you might think. He draws our attention to the repeated – and neglected – parts that say, “As the head of the family should teach….” Pr. McKinley also gives practical tips for how parents can teach the Catechism at home, especially in the context of family devotions.

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Doctrine as Idolatry?

Vanessa RasanenSome claim that focusing on true and pure doctrine can become an idol. Mother, blogger, and new Lutheran Vanessa Rasanen debunks that false claim. She also tells of her journey from atheism to Christianity and explains the meaning behind her blog, “Bible, Beer, and Babies.”

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Vanessa’s Blog: “Bible, Beer, and Babies”