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Talking Sheep

Vanessa RasanenWhat are laypeople to do when their pastor begins teaching false doctrine or introducing non-Lutheran practices? Should they just sit quietly in the pew and “take it”? Not according to Vanessa Rasanen! She says the sheep should speak up, talk with their pastor, pray for him, and, yes, protect their fellow sheep from false teachings and practices.

Read Vanessa Rasanen’s article, “Talking Sheep,” at Katie Luther Sisters.org

Read Dr. C. F. W. Walther’s sermon, “The Sheep Judge Their Shepherds.”

Catechism Series, part 13

AbrahamsonIn part 13 of our Catechism Series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we take a brief look at the “Table of Duties” in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. How does this section of the Catechism instruct us in the “holy orders” to which God calls us? What are the “two kingdoms” and the “three estates” that this compilation of Bible passages present to us for daily living as Christians?

Why You Think Your Pastor is “Too Catholic”

Ronald StephensWhy has the word “catholic” become a dirty word among Lutherans? What is the “catholic faith”? If your pastor performs certain rituals or ceremonies, does that mean he is more “Catholic” than “Lutheran”? Pr. Ronald Stephens explains what it means to be “catholic,” not “Roman,” and he defends (gives an “apology” for) Lutheran pastors maintaining the salutary ceremonies of the Church that have been handed down through the ages.

Read Pr. Ronald Stephen’s article: “An Apology for a Fuller Use of Ceremony, or Why You Think Your Pastor is Too “Catholic.”

Pastoral Formation

Jonathan McCallSeminarian Jonathan McCall begins blogging about his new ventures in pastoral formation. As a new student at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN, he discusses how and why he began his seminary studies as well as what he has been learning in the classroom. Hear how God forms pastors through seminary instruction, hear how the “mosaic” of the various professors benefits the students, and learn what a “Scaerism” is.

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