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“Best Practices for Ministry” Conference

Brian FlammePr. Brian Flamme joins us to discuss his report on the recent “Best Practices for Ministry” conference that he attended. Who attended the conference? What are the “best practices” for “ministry”? How do such “best practices” for ministry line up with what our Lord Jesus Christ gives us in His Word and Sacraments?

Read Pr. Flamme’s report on the “Best Practices” conference here.

The Three Outposts, part 6 – The Church

AbrahamsonWe continue our discussion with Pr. Joe Abrahamson on the estate of the Church. This time we focus on the Office of the Ministry and how God establishes it to serve the Church. Why is it important for pastors to be properly called? What does God’s Word say about who can hold the Pastoral Office?

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The Three Outposts, part 5 – The Church

AbrahamsonAs we continue our series on “The Three Outposts: Your Mission,” with Pr. Joe Abrahamson, we discuss the estate called “The Church.” When did the Church really begin? What is the purpose of the Church? How does Martin Luther teach on this estate in his Small Catechism?

Read Pr. Abrahamson’s Bible study on “The Church” here.

Spiritual Daycare

Jonathan RodebaughDo we really need youth pastors? Are they necessary? Are they truly helpful? Are they really serving the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Or are they really just offering “spiritual daycare”? Jonathan Rodebaugh joins us to discuss the well-intentioned but misguided attempts to cultivate a specifically youth culture within the Church. How should our young people be taught the Christian faith for the rest of their lives?

Read Jonathan’s post, “Spiritual Daycare: Why Youth Pastors Shouldn’t Exist.”

The Office of the Keys as the Office of Preaching and Teaching

Mark LovettWhat is the Office of the Keys? Pr. Matt Lovett connects it not just with the confessing and being absolved of individual sins, but also with the confession of the faith and the office of preaching and teaching–the Office of the Ministry. How and why? Listen!

Read Pr. Lovett’s paper, “The Office of the Keys as the Office of Preaching and Teaching.”

Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wishes You Knew

Holly ScheerMrs. Holly Scheer–wife of Pr. Joshua Scheer (Associate Editor at steadfastlutherans.org)–joins us to discuss the challenges and joys of being a pastor’s wife. A pastor’s call and duties in the congregation are very clear. But what about the pastor’s wife? What challenges does she face when it comes to friends in the congregation, raising children, and even listening to a sermon? How can congregations support the pastor’s wife and family?

Read Holly Scheer’s article, “Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wishes You Knew.”

Madison Avenue Ecclesiology

In this segment, Mr. Tim Wood, a convert from Baptist fundamentalism after a confrontation with God’s Law and Gospel, joins us to discuss is article, “Church Growth: Deliberately Misdiagnosing the Problem?” Why do some churches leave behind faithful Law-Gospel preaching and turn instead to Madison Avenue techniques? Are they still practicing Christianity?

Read Tim Wood’s article, “Church Growth: Deliberately Misdiagnosing the Problem?”