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Feed My Lambs

Pr. James Moshier steps “into the ring” to discuss his homily delivered at the 2015 Spring Pastors Conference in Kearney, Nebraska. When the risen Lord Jesus works a great catch of fish and when He instructs Peter to feed His lambs (John 21:1-17), we also receive Jesus’ admonition to pastors to feed the flock through faithful, lifelong catechesis. It might even include something called “liturgical trivia.”

Read Pr. Moshier’s meditation here.

Redeeming Easter from Pagan Lies

AbrahamsonSome people claim that the celebration and date of Easter have pagan origins, as do Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. Listen to Pr. Joe Abrahamson redeem the central Christian celebration from such pagan lies. Easter comes, not from paganism, but from the Passover. But what about those Easter eggs and that Easter bunny?

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Easter Apologetics

BJS_SamSchuldheiszw50What is Easter all about? How do you defend the resurrection of Jesus with historical evidence? What makes Christianity different from fairy tales and make believe? Pr. Sam Schuldheisz discusses his three-part series of articles published in The Huntington Beach Wave and on steadfastlutherans.org.

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“Just the Facts!”