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On Beards and Baptism

Gaven MizeWe welcome Pr. Gaven Mize and his brother, Josh, to discuss Josh’s battle with cancer, his habit of memorializing that battle by growing his beard, and the comfort that his Baptism gave him and still gives him.

Josh & Tuesday Mize
Tuesday & Josh Mize

Read Pr. Gaven Mize’s article, “My Brother Had Cancer…And He Died. Also, He Has a Fantastic Beard.”

Brain Cancer and Suicide

Maggie KarnerBrittany Maynard made headlines when she revealed that she has an aggressive form of brain cancer and that she would end her life on her own terms. We welcome Mrs. Maggie Karner, Director of Life and Health Ministries for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, to respond to Ms. Maynard’s plight. Maggie suffers from the very same brain cancer and will not end her own life. We discuss Maggie’s article, “Brain Cancer Will Likely Kill Me, But There’s No Way I’ll Kill Myself.” Listen as Maggie gives an inspiring witness to God’s gift of life and the comfort of His salvation in Jesus Christ!

Read Maggie Karner’s article, “Brain Cancer Will Likely Kill Me, But There’s No Way I’ll Kill Myself.”

Watch Maggie Karner’s video letter to Brittany Maynard, produced and posted after we recorded our interview with Maggie.

Celebrating in the Face of Death, part 4

Profile Photo-2014In our fourth and final part on “Celebrating in the Face of Death” we take a look – and listen – at some “Bold, IN-YOUR-FACE, DEATH!, Comforting Hymns.” These hymns give “a certain untoward gesture” to death as we rest in the comfort of Jesus’ resurrection and the hope of eternal life in Him. We certainly recommend these kinds of hymns for your funeral.

Celebrating in the Face of Death, part 3

Profile Photo-2014In this third part of our series on “Celebrating in the Face of Death,” we discuss specific hymns often used at Christian funerals. According to Pr. Randy Asburry, some hymns are certainly “good ol’ favorites,” but do we really know why? What are some guiding questions you may want to consider when planning your funeral and when choosing the hymns? We respond to listeners’ suggestions  of hymns that they would like sung at their funerals. Also listen as we evaluate “good ol’ favorites” such as “Amazing Grace,” “How Great Thou Art,” and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

Celebrating in the Face of Death, part 2

Profile Photo-2014We continue discussing Pr. Randy Asburry’s presentation on pastoral care at the time of death. Here we delve into how pastors care for their dying members by means of “The Commendation of the Dying.” Listen to how God’s Word brings soothing comfort to those on death’s door step and to their loved ones around them.

Celebrating in the Face of Death, part 1

Profile Photo-2014Co-host Pr. Randy Asburry plays guest as we discuss pastoral care at the time of death. Since every human being ends up in the grave, just how do we deal with death? Christians have a very unique way of dealing with death. It’s called “Celebrating in the Face of Death.” But how and why? Pr. Asburry begins to give a recap of a presentation that he made at the “Institute on Liturgy, Preaching, and Church Music,” which was held at Seward, Nebraska, in July 2014.



God Has a “Wonderful Plan” for Your Death

Miguel RuizMr. Miguel Ruiz discusses his article, “God Has a ‘Wonderful Plan’ for Your Death.” What do people mean when they console one another with the phrase “God has a plan”? Is it really helpful, or does it turn God into a “bad guy”? How are some Bible passages actually misused in an effort to tell people that “God has a plan” for them? How does the theology of the cross help us instead?

Read Miguel Ruiz’s article, “God Has a ‘Wonderful Plan’ for Your Death.”