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No Apologies

Nathan RedmanDo family members change the subject when you speak of Jesus or the Bible? Do friends “unfriend” you in social media because of your overly “churchy” posts? Mr. Nathan Redman knows what it’s like. And he has decided to offer “No Apologies” for being a Christian and confessing Christ, whether in family conversations or on social media. Listen to Nathan explain what he means by not apologizing for being a baptized child of God and making the good confession.

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Easter Apologetics

BJS_SamSchuldheiszw50What is Easter all about? How do you defend the resurrection of Jesus with historical evidence? What makes Christianity different from fairy tales and make believe? Pr. Sam Schuldheisz discusses his three-part series of articles published in The Huntington Beach Wave and on steadfastlutherans.org.

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“What Is Easter All About?”

“Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?”

“Just the Facts!”