Why I Use the Liturgy

BJS_BruceTimmPr. Bruce Timm joins us to discuss his article, “Why Do I Use the Liturgy?” In a world filled with cotton-candy, entertainment-style worship, why would we actually want to use the Church’s liturgy? We discuss Pr. Timm’s first three reasons – out of eleven – for why he uses the liturgy. Also, listen carefully to how deftly Pr. Timm smacks down both hosts of the show!

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A Tribute to Rev. Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn


Charles-HenricksonPr. Charlie Henrickson joins us to give a tribute to the late Rev. Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn (1937-2015), a respected professor, churchman, and father in the faith. We also get to hear the homily, by Pr. Scott Bruzek, delivered at Dr. Feuerhahn’s “Service of Praise and Thanksgiving” held at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, on March 17, 2015 (audio courtesy of Concordia Seminary).

Press release of Dr. Feuerhahn entering rest.

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Watch “A Service of Praise and Thanksgiving Remembering the Life and Ministry of the Rev. Dr. Ronald Raymond Feuerhahn.”

KNGN Share-A-Thon Interview-2015

RealFlyerAdam Spanier, General Manager at KNGN (1360 AM in McCook, Nebraska) interviews Throwdown hosts Eric Andersen and Randy Asburry for KNGN’s 2015 Share-A-Thon. We tell the story of how this “incredibly awesome show” began. We discuss our favorite episodes (if we can choose). And we address big issues in the church today as well as the need to confess the Truth of God’s Word.

Oh, and don’t miss the part where Eric has to admit to being thrown down by a recent guest…and what he’s doing for “round 2” with that guest!

This interview will air Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. (Central Time) on KNGN.org.

Doctrine and/or Practice

Larry Beane-2Pr. Larry Beane joins us by way of his 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference presentation, “Doctrine And/Or Practice?” What is the relationship between what we confess in our doctrine (checklists, anyone?) and what we do in our practice (anything goes? seriously?)? Pr. Beane gives some helpful points and illustrations for why and how doctrine and practice go together like hand in glove.

Listen to our pre-conference interview with Pr. Larry Beane.

Watch Pr. Larry Beane’s full conference presentation, “Doctrine and/or Practice,” complete with Q & A at the end.

Check out Pr. Beane’s blog: “Father Hollywood”

How Does Your Pastor Dress?

Karl WeberDoes it make any difference how a pastor dresses? What should a pastor wear–clerical collar, business suit, or the latest colorful fashion? Pr. Karl Weber joins us to discuss his article, “Does Your Pastor Dress as a Shepherd or a Sheep?” Clothing may do more than just “make the man” of the pastor; it may actually send a message. And there may even be something Biblical about how a pastor dresses.

Read Pr. Karl Weber’s article, “Does Your Pastor Dress as a Shepherd or a Sheep?”