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Dealing with False Teaching

Bryan Wolfmueller2Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller gave a presentation at the 2015 Brothers of John the Steadfast Conference on “The Obligation and Temptation of Dealing with False Teaching.” Is false teaching in the Church a new thing, or a recent invention? How should we deal with it when it does come? Here we bring you audio from his conference presentation.

Watch Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller’s complete presentation here.

Ways to Participate in Lent

Holly ScheerMrs. Holly Scheer joins us to discuss her article, “Nine Easy Ways to Participate in Lent.” Why does the Church have its own unique calendar? Why do we Christians set apart a time of somber penitence called “Lent”? What are some way that you and your family can participate in this sacred time?

Read Holly Scheer’s article, “Nine Easy Ways to Participate in Lent.”