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Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wishes You Knew

Holly ScheerMrs. Holly Scheer–wife of Pr. Joshua Scheer (Associate Editor at–joins us to discuss the challenges and joys of being a pastor’s wife. A pastor’s call and duties in the congregation are very clear. But what about the pastor’s wife? What challenges does she face when it comes to friends in the congregation, raising children, and even listening to a sermon? How can congregations support the pastor’s wife and family?

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Problems at the Concordia Universities

Tim Rossow2In the Concordia University system, enrollment is up and money seems to be flowing. So what’s the problem? Pr. Tim Rossow says, “Plenty!” Is that numerical growth really pagan growth? What is actually being taught and espoused at one of our Concordia Universities? What solutions would Pr. Rossow recommend?

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