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God Has a “Wonderful Plan” for Your Death

Miguel RuizMr. Miguel Ruiz discusses his article, “God Has a ‘Wonderful Plan’ for Your Death.” What do people mean when they console one another with the phrase “God has a plan”? Is it really helpful, or does it turn God into a “bad guy”? How are some Bible passages actually misused in an effort to tell people that “God has a plan” for them? How does the theology of the cross help us instead?

Read Miguel Ruiz’s article, “God Has a ‘Wonderful Plan’ for Your Death.”

How to Listen to a Sermon

Jeffrey RiesPr. Jeffrey Ries joins us to discuss his article in the August 2014 edition of The Lutheran Witness, “How to Listen to a Sermon.” According to Jesus, what should the content of a sermon be? Why are Law and Gospel so essential in preaching? And what about illustrations–should they be used or not? What is the ultimate purpose of preaching?