Why I Use the Liturgy

BJS_BruceTimmPr. Bruce Timm joins us to discuss his article, “Why Do I Use the Liturgy?” In a world filled with cotton-candy, entertainment-style worship, why would we actually want to use the Church’s liturgy? We discuss Pr. Timm’s first three reasons – out of eleven – for why he uses the liturgy. Also, listen carefully to how deftly Pr. Timm smacks down both hosts of the show!

Read Pr. Timm’s article, “Why Do I Use the Liturgy?”

Check out Pr. Timm’s blog, “BAT in the Belfry.”

2 thoughts on “Why I Use the Liturgy”

  1. Love your series on the liturgy however, the sound is off like Pastor Timm is on a speaker phone. Thanks.

  2. Yes, Diane, it does sound like Pastor Timm is on a speaker phone – probably the built in microphone in his computer. We do use Skype to make our connections with guests, and a lot of the sound quality on their end depends on the kind of equipment they have (or may not have). We hope the content of the interview outweighs the quality of the sound. Thanks for weighing in!

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