The Three Outposts, part 3

AbrahamsonWe resume our series with Pr. Joe Abrahamson on his Bible study titled “The Three Outposts: Your Mission.” Here we continue looking at the three estates – home, church, and state – in the Old Testament, especially during time of the united kingdom of Israel, the divided kingdom, and then the Babylonian captivity.

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One thought on “The Three Outposts, part 3”

  1. Fair point, Bosco. The difference is one of pootiisn. I’m not involved in the leading of the service, and therefore am privy to neither the planning meeting nor the de-brief.However, as a participant of the service I’m still responsible for my attitude. I could sit in a perfectly planned, smooth running service, but if I’m only half-heartedly going through the motions, I’m not engaging in worship. On the other hand, I’ve been in services where everything seemed to go wrong, yet by choosing to not let those things be a distraction to me, and keeping my attention on God, I’ve come away feeling like I’ve had a profound worship experience.You’ve given me some good food to think about what the true nature of worship is.

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