Madison Avenue Ecclesiology

In this segment, Mr. Tim Wood, a convert from Baptist fundamentalism after a confrontation with God’s Law and Gospel, joins us to discuss is article, “Church Growth: Deliberately Misdiagnosing the Problem?” Why do some churches leave behind faithful Law-Gospel preaching and turn instead to Madison Avenue techniques? Are they still practicing Christianity?

Read Tim Wood’s article, “Church Growth: Deliberately Misdiagnosing the Problem?”

One thought on “Madison Avenue Ecclesiology”

  1. The 5-2 Network was allowed to hold a conference in the New England District a few months ago. The monthly New England District newsletter had a glowing review of the conference held at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Acton, MA. Seems the DP doesn’t mind when one his vice presidents allow such crap theology be taught in his distict.
    Keep up the great cause and the great programs!

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